America Gives Anti- Ebola Drug To Liberia Free Of Charge

Liberia will receive an untested
experimental drug, Zmapp, to treat
people infected with Ebola, the
Liberian government says.
The move came after a request to the
US from Liberian President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf, the government said.
The news came as medical ethics
specialists met in Geneva to explore the
use of such new treatments.
The World Health Organization, which is
hosting the meeting, says some 1,013
have died from Ebola in West Africa.
“The experimental drugs are to be
brought in the country by a
representative of the US government
later this week,” a statement on the
Liberian president’s website said.
However, US government officials said
its role had been to put Liberian officials
in contact with Zmapp maker Mapp
‘No cost’
The pharmaceutical company said its
supply of the drug was exhausted after
its supplies were sent to West Africa, AFP
news agency reported.
The drug was “provided at no cost in all
cases,” the company added.
Zmapp has been used in the US on two
aid workers who have shown signs of
improvement, and a Roman Catholic
priest, infected with Ebola in Liberia,
who is currently being treated in a
hospital in Madrid.
However, the drug has only been tested
on monkeys and has not yet been
evaluated for safety in humans.
The World Health Organization (WHO)
will announce the outcome of
its emergency meeting on the role of
experimental drugs on Tuesday.
Source: BBC News


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