Fashola Condemns Jonathan’s Administration

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State
has faulted the performance of President
Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party
(PDP), saying the condition in which
Nigerians find themselves at the moment, is
worse than it was four years ago when the
president assumed office.
Speaking on Thursday, August 14 in Abuja
during a lecture on ‘The challenge of
Democratic Governance’ as part of activities
to mark the 50th birthday celebration of a
former Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief
Timipre Sylva, Gov. Fashola said Nigerians
used to think that national development was
inhibited in the country because there’s
never been a university graduate as
president of the country.
Gov Fashola and President Jonathan
He said the myth of graduate has now been
exploded as the condition of Nigerians is
worse off, even with two graduates as
leaders of the country, Punch reports.
Fashola said: “Nigerians would agree that
there is the need for more attributes that
cannot be found in a school. So there is
more to leadership than a university degree
and educational qualification. There is
character, vision, courage, empathy,
compassion and many more attributes that
you simply will not find in a classroom or
school. They are in homes, in communities
and also in the value system of society.”
He also berated Jonathan for inviting
parents of abducted Chibok schoolgirls to
the Presidential Villa for the purpose of
sympathising with them, describing the
President’s attitude as ‘truly strange and
truly unAfrican’.
He then went on to accuse Jonathan’s
administration of perpetually lying to the
people of Nigeria on sensitive national
issues such as the abduction of over 200
Chibok girls, their whereabouts and the
rumour of trying to give money to their
bereaved parents.
Fashola therefore implored politicians to
make politics interesting and worth being
participated in by the professional elite.


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