Ebola: Dr. Adadevoh Is Not Cured, Another Medic Discharged

The first case of survival from the deadly
Ebola virus decease (EVD) on the Nigerian
territory has been indeed registered in the
late hours of August 16, 2014
, Saturday. However, not Dr. Ameyo Stella
Adadevoh, but another female medical
worker has been discharged.
According to a new statement by the
Ministry of Health, Dr. Adadevoh, in fact, has
not been discharged.
Instead of her, a nurse, whose name was
simply given as Ada, has reportedly
recovered and left home on August 17,
2014, Sunday. The details are not given in
order not to seed panic in communities, and
for security reasons also. All what is known
is that the lady is a medical officer at the
same hospital, where Liberian-American
Patrick Sawyer, who imported the EVD to
Nigeria, passed away on July 25.
The sad aspect of this story is that Dr.
Adadevoh’s condition is actually not
improving. According to a family source,
who spoke with SaharaReporters, the
treatment she received has not positive
effect. The source also confirmed that Dr.
Adadevoh is suffering in the isolation centre.
It would be noted that Dr. Adadevoh was
the first Nigerian to be diagnosed with EVD.
The doctor, as well as other people whose
cases have been confirmed gained lots of
support and triggered a campaign on social
media – #GiveThemExperimentalDrugs
At the moment of filing the present report,
there is no confirmation neither on delivery,
nor on commencement of the treatment
with ZMapp experimental drug.
Below, read a statement (unedited) which
became available to the press:
It has been brought to the attention of the
Honourable Minister of Health, Professor
Onyebunchi Chukwu, that the first Nigerian
to be diagnosed of Ebola Virus Disease, a
female doctor who treated the index case
and who was discharged home from the
ward yesterday, is being reported in some
sections of the media to be one Dr.
The Honourable Minister wished to clarify
that the name of the patient is not Dr.
Adadevoh. This should be noted.
The minister’s statement yesterday, while
indicating that it was a female doctor, did
not indicate the name of the patient.
Dan Nwomeh
Special Assistant on Media and
Communication to the Minister


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