29 Ebola Patience Escape As Gunmen Attack Clinic In Leberia

Armed men attacked an Ebola isolation
ward in the Liberian capital Monrovia
overnight, prompting 29 patients to flee
the facility, witnesses said Sunday.
“They broke down the doors and looted
the place. The patients all fled,” said
Rebecca Wesseh, who witnessed the
attack and whose report was confirmed by
residents and the head of Health Workers
Association of Liberian, George Williams.
The attack comes just one day after a
report of a crowd of several hundred local
residents, chanting, ‘No Ebola in West
Point,’ drove away a burial team and their
police escort that had come to collect the
bodies of suspected Ebola victims in a
slum in the capital, Reuters reports. The
mob then forced open an Ebola isolation
ward and took several patients out, many
saying that the Ebola epidemic is a hoax.
The isolation center, a closed primary
school originally built by USAID, was
being used by the Liberian health ministry
to temporarily isolate people suspected of
carrying the virus, Reuters reports. Some
10 patients had “escaped” the building the
night before, according to a nurse, as the
center had no medicine to treat them.
While the armed attack is likely the most
brazen attack on health workers trying to
contain the deadly outbreak, it is far from
the first in the region worst-hit by it.
The Ebola outbreak that has killed more
than 1,100 people in West Africa could
last another six months, the Doctors
Without Borders charity group said Friday.
One aid worker acknowledged that the true
death toll is still unknown.
New figures released by the World Health
Organization showed that Liberia has
recorded more Ebola deaths – 413 – than
any of the other affected countries.
Tarnue Karbbar, who works for the aid
group Plan International in northern
Liberia, said response teams simply aren’t
able to document all the erupting Ebola
cases. Many of the sick are still being
hidden at home by their relatives, who are
too fearful of going to an Ebola treatment
There is no cure or licensed treatment for
Ebola and patients often die gruesome
deaths with external bleeding from their
mouths, eyes or ears. The killer virus is
transmitted through bodily fluids like
blood, sweat, urine and diarrhea. A
handful of people have received an
experimental drug whose effectiveness is


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