Nigerian Woman Who Might Have Ebola Dies In Abu Dhabi Airport

A Nigerian woman who arrived to the
Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi on a flight
transiting the city and who may have been
infected with the Ebola virus has died.
According to the city’s health authority, the
35-year-old woman was traveling from
Nigeria to India for treatment of advanced
metastatic cancer.
Her health deteriorated while in transit at
Abu Dhabi’s main airport and as medics
were trying to resuscitate her, they found
signs that suggested a possible Ebola virus
The woman’s husband and the five medics
who treated her are being isolated pending
test results.
It comes as Nigeria confirmed 12 more
cases of the Ebola virus, up from 10 at last
week’s count, of which five have almost fully
recovered, the Health Ministry said on
It said in a statement that over 180 people
in Lagos and six others in the southeastern
city of Enugu were under surveillance. The
death toll remains four, it said.
A doctor who had recovered had been
discharged from hospital
, the ministry said.


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