‘God Loves Gays’ Billboard Campaign Appears In America

‘God loves gays’ billboard in Kansas, America
A new “God Loves Gays” billboard campaign
appears in Topeka, Kansas, which aims to
counter the members of the quasi-religious
group’s anti-gay efforts.
At present, Indiegogo users have
contributed over $48,900 to the “God Loves
Gays” billboard project. And if the campaign
is fully funded by October, such billboards
would appear in Topeka, Kansas.
“God is tired of having hate-speech put into
his mouth by bigots,” organizers write on
the campaign’s Indiegogo page.
According to the group, their aims go well
beyond the borders of Kansas: “If we raise
enough we could put up billboards in other
states as well! Perhaps this will go GLOBAL!”
Check out the group’s campaign video
below. Organizers have also taken to Twitter
in support of the campaign:
NEW COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not
picket at funerals.
— God (@TheGoodGodAbove) August
19, 2014
The members of the Westboro Baptist
Church who blame same-sex marriage
legislation in recent mass shooting at Sandy
Hook Elementary School also announced
plans to protest the funeral of Robin
Williams after deeming the Academy Award-
winning actor a “fag pimp.”


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