Ambassador Reveals Why US Is Supporting Nigeria

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, on Wednesday, revealed that the U.S was supporting Nigeria because of the long standing relationship between both countries. According to Vanguard, Entwistle made the revelation in Abuja, during an interactive session with members of the National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), led by its National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu. Speaking further, the ambassador also disclosed that the United States government will assist Nigeria to have credible and peaceful elections in 2015, noting that his country was interested in peaceful elections in Nigeria. The U.S envoy said: “From our own historical experience, we understand the importance of election. The United States will support the Nigerian people in their quest to ensure a credible and transparent election that they want and deserve. That is what we stand for and as part of that, I will try to be in touch with all parties to understand them, so that we can be knowledgeable about the electoral process here. I think it is incumbent on all of us to work towards this, history shows us that one election can make the difference. It may not happen over night, but genuine change in every society is only possible in a true democratic process.” Entwistle urged Nigerian politicians to shun any form of violence during and after election, as such development threatens democracy across the world. He advised impending party candidates to publicly commit themselves that “they would not encourage, foment or engage in violence before, during and after the elections”. The U.S ambassador reiterated that politicians should start making such commitment from now till the 2015 general election. Responding, the party’s national chairman, Mu’azu remarked that PDP has always hampered on free and fair election, citing an example from the just concluded governorship elections in both Ekiti and Osun states. Mu’azu also noted that President Goodluck Jonathan on his part had always insisted on one man, one vote which the party was very proud of. He said the party will continue to feed credible candidate for elective offices in the country. “We will always present credible candidates who can win elections. We will continue to provide internal-driven democracy that will be driven by the people. We will by the grace of God, work for the people of Nigeria. Our leader, the President has through our party, been campaigning that voting should be one man one vote. We take time to advertise this in national dailies to make sure that we will continue to have cordial relationship with the people and the international community” Mu’azu said. Meanwhile, the United States and Nigeria have had a long lasting peaceful relationship, politically and economically. It would be recalled that on August 8, 2014, President Goodluck Jonathan, called for an increased trade volume between Nigeria and the United States , assuring that trade volume between both countries will continue to grow with greater cooperation between the public and private sectors of both countries.


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