Gwoza Still Boko Haram Territory – Ndume

Despite Nigerian Army attacking the Boko Haram held town of Gwoza, Boko Haram are still holding the stronghold and claiming it as a new nation. According to the senator representing Southern Borno state Ali Ndume when paying a visit to the people who were displaced by the violence in Adamawa and Gombe states. Ndume who is also a native from Gwoza said revealed this stunning revelation during the visit and said : “We are under siege in Gwoza, It is sad that we have to wait till now that people are being killed for government to take action. We know that for long, the road to Gwoza from Maiduguri had been a no-go area even for the soldiers. “It is a known fact that soldiers of the Nigerian army have been overstretched in both human and material capacity. The federal government has to rise to the occasion to give these soldiers the needed support to work. Two major federal government bridges leading to Gwoza have been bombed and no one seemed concerned about this, ” he said. The senator asked the FG to intervene quickly due to the unabated killing of innocent people by the insurgents. He said: “Our hope is not lost because we kept praying that the insurgency will soon come to an end. This is not the first time in history of the nation that insurgency attack is happening. It had happened before, only that the way Nigeria is handling it is quite different”. “We are in Madagali, Gulak, Mubi and other villages in the borders of Borno and Adamawa to sympathise, console with our People over the lost of their beloved ones and properties. Today we will be visiting Biu and Gombe to meet with the other displaced persons there,” he stated. He described the FG way of handling the insurgency as the wrong way and demanded the issue be dealt with as soon as possible. He said: “We have learnt from our mistakes of handling the insurgency problem. If the right thing was done, it would not had happened in the first place. Now that it has happened there is no point apportioning blame on any person or group, this is the time to look for solution. Boko haram have been attacking Nigeria since the 2009 and have been asking for a federal state. Their attacks have been in forms of suicide bombings against the nations citizens from all walk of life and religion.


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