Yobe Town Captured By Boko Haram

Members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect have seized the town of Buni Yadi town, in Yobe State. The insurgents were said to have stormed the town yesterday, August 20, in a convoy of numerous sports utility vehicles and armed with sophisticated weapons. A displaced resident who spoke to Sahara Reporters said,the armed insurgents opened fire on anyone within sight, killing scores of villagers. Hamza Umar, a resident of the besieged town said: “There are no inhabitants left in Buni Yadi now. Everyone who was lucky to escape the onslaught has moved to Damaturu.” The number of people killed is still unknown. According to Daily Trust report, the insurgents hoisted their flag at the palace of the district head, where they have set up base and have been enforcing their own laws on people in the town.”They have turned the district head’s palace into their base. Two flags with Arabic inscriptions were hoisted at the entrance, and armed militants stood guard, while many of them sleep inside,” a man who pleaded anonymity said. Buni Yadi, the latest town to come under Boko Haram attack, is located approximately 34 miles from Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State. The takeover of Buni Yadi is coming about two weeks after the town of Gwoza was seized by the militants. During the attack on Gwoza, BokoHaram allegedly killed about a 100 people , including the wife of the town’s emir, his brother, and the chief Imam of Gwoza, and so far, efforts to reclaim the town by the military has proved futile.


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