Obasanjo Hides Information On Next Of Kin

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo who
registered for the National Identity Card
(NIC) on Friday, August 22, kept the
information about his next of kin away
from the prying eyes.
Obasanjo arrived at the National Identity
Management Commission (NIMC) office, Oke
– Mosan, Abeokuta, at 1:35pm and was
received by the officials led by the Director
of Identity Card Database, Abuja office, Engr.
Aliu Azeez, The Nation reports.
His height was measured and his finger
prints taken.
Obasanjo had been responding to the NIMC
officials’ questions orally but when it got to
the part requiring his next of kin, the former
President picked a piece of paper, covered it
with his palm, wrote the name of his next of
kin and handed it over to the NIMC officials,
keeping journalists who were bent on
capturing his personal data in the dark.
Speaking to the curious reporters, Obasanjo
said it would prevent undue “publicity on
the matter.”
“I have decided to keep my next of kin
secret and away from you. If you know it,
you will give it undue publicity,” he said.
Obasanjo was positive that if the NIC project
was sustained, it would help tackle the
security challenges the country is facing.


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