University Of Ibadan To Produce Ebola Vaccines

Professor Isaac Adewole, the Vice
chancellor, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, has
hinted that the institution has set up a
Committee on Ebola Prevention and
Preparedness, to try and produce Ebola
Nigerian Tribune reports that the Vice
chancellor, while speaking at a town hall
meeting in Ibadan, further revealed that the
institution’s virology laboratory would be
expanded and make sure it produce a
vaccine that could be used to prevent Ebola.
Professor Adewole said the university had
concluded plans to spearhead Ebola vaccine
production, and advised residents to dispel
their fears as they would be adequately
equipped with necessary information about
the virus.
He urged the federal government to
investigate the allegation that the late
Patrick Sawyer was paid to import the virus
to Nigeria, and cautioned people against
handshake. He also advised the public to
avoid sick people as Ebola virus spreads
quickly through body fluids of infected
Speaking also at the town hall meeting,
Professor David Olaleye, a virologist and
head, UI Ebola Viral Disease Prevention and
Preparedness Committee, reiterated the
need for good hygiene, and pleaded with
that people to avoid contact with dead
Meanwhile, it is not yet known if the
outcome of their research would be widely
accepted as it would be recalled that on
August 19, 2014, one Dr. Rima Laibow,
Managing Director of US-based company
Natural Solutions Foundation claimed that
Nano Silver has been deployed by her team
of scientists
during treatment of Ebola patients in Africa
before the current epidemic outbreak, but
surprisingly on August 21, 2014, the same
company confirmed that the said drug was
not a cure for the deadly disease


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