Women With Big Backside Turn Me On – IK Ogbonna Reveals

Nollywood actor/model IK Ogbonna in a recent interview reveals the type of women that turns him on. IK Ogbonna told NET during a recent interview that he has a liking for women with big booty, admitting it’s a great turn on for him. He said: “Women with big booty are expected to be fat but if you see one that has worked on herself, I appreciate it and it’s a big turn on for me.” Meanwhile, clearing the air on claims that he is into older women, the Nollywood actor said: “At no point in my life have I had to sleep with older woman for money. I have dated ladies that aren’t wealthy too, what would you describe me as then? When I date people, I do for the chemistry between us.” On the report that he is gay he insisted: “I disgust it even the Bible does. My love for women is even so much that you must be extremely feminine for me to love you.” It was reported in 2013 that the Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna’s alleged trip to the US was to satisfy the sexual urge of his female customers as a gigolo and a homosexual . There were reports which made rounds that IK Ogbonna is gay and gigolo. However the celebrity debunked such rumours. However, IK Ogbonna has insisted that God’s grace and his his hardwork finally paid off as he struggled to achieve the success he enjoying . IK Ogbonna in an interview said: “Seven years ago when I moved down to Lagos, for like three years or so, I slept in cars. I had this friend of mine that I used to sleep in his car and burn insecticide at night. I always carry myself well because I know where I am destined to be. I kept on pushing. Sometimes I slept over at the club when there is no friend’s house to pass the night. I was homeless. I had things very rough at a particular point in time. It is God’s grace that is working for me.” The father of one was recently rumoured to be dating Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim .


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