PDP Governorship candidate Jimi Agbaje Attacked in Mushin

Jimi Agbaje, the Peoples Democratic party’s Governorship aspirant was attacked yesterday during a shoot out in Mushin area of Lagos. The Sun reports that the unfortunate incident happened during the politicians visit to some local councils in theOlomowewe area of Mushin in Lagos, while trying to campaign for votes in the 2015 coming election . The happenstance which luckily saw the politician unhurt, saw one of his supporters hospitalized due to gun shot attack. The hospitalized supporter was said to have lost so much blood before he was taken to the hospital for proper health care. However, he Chairman of PDP in the council, Tunde Fabiyi, while confirming the incident, made it known that the bullet that hit Jimi Agbaje’s supporter was from the rifle of one of the policemen attached to the politician who wanted to scare the thugs away from his boss, but things went wrong. Tunde said: “Yes, it was true a PDP supporter was shot, but it is not as it is being painted by the social media. What really happened was that Agbaje was mobbed by some young boys after the rally, and in a bid to disperse the crowd, a shot was fired, which incidentally hit one of those who came with Agbaje.”


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