Sheik Zakzaky Says Military Plan To Kill Him

Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky whose 3 sons were killed July 25 allegedly by the security, now claims agents plot to murder him. The leader or country Shiites lost his children in Zaria, Kaduna State, in the clash between the Nigerian soldiers and Shiite Muslims . Speaking after the incident the aggrieved father narrated that his son Mahmud, a student of Beirut university, was shot in the stomach, his two brothers were arrested alive but reportedly later killed. According to Leadership, in a recent speech Delivered on Wednesday at the end of a weekly Tafsir, Sheik Zakzaky alleged the plot by the government to unleash further violence on the upcoming fortieth day prayer session to be held for those killed by soldiers in Zaria. “The fact is that they have killed three of my sons; specifically, they still want more; it is my life they are after now at all costs. These days, we pass by pre-planned security ambushes whenever we went to or come back from Hussainiyyah. On Monday, they ignited a false flag chaos at one filling station with the full intention to shoot. We don’t know why they stationed soldiers there. They are still there since after the incident occurred”. Zakzaky further revealed that the authorities had their “own “Shia” among the security” used to ignite chaos and violence. “They were told to be on red alert, as they were going to be attacked… A group of snipers in suits, headed by one professional sniper called Nyam, was on standby. Nyam and his team were seen passing along Hussainiyyah to where they were lodged. They were specially brought here to kill.” Sheik El-Zakzaky Shiites leader also said that they had obtained information that the government planned to detonate bombs: “We also learnt that they are going to receive a delivery of dangerous weapons that would be used for the first time on us.” It will be recalled that two weeks ago Sheik Zakzaky already accused the army of arranging the evil acts as he was quoted saying : “We will not be surprised if the military decides to detonate bombs or even kill some of its personnel accuse the “Shi’ites” of taking revenge. The military had been doing this all over in the name of Boko Haram.”


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