Mario Balotelli Brings Fiancee To Settle In The UK

Former Milan striker Mario Balotelli is
looking for a new home in England,
bringing with him his stunning Belgian
Balotelli who has just been signed to
Liverpool proposed to model Fanny
Neguesha earlier this summer before the
World Cup.
Raised in Belgium, the model has Rwandan,
Italian, and Congolese heritage.
The playboy and former Milan striker has
caused a stir in the football world by signing
to Liverpool for a cool £16 million.
And it’s all change for Mario on the romantic
front, too: the 24-year-old has shunned his
old Lothario ways for domestic bliss with
new fiancée Fanny Neguesha.
Fanny is already causing a stir among WAG
(wives and girlfriends of high-profile
sportsmen), as the couple arrive in the UK
for Mario to take up his new post.
The pair have been preparing for this new
chapter in their life with a relaxing holiday
in Versilia, Italy with friends.


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