Plane Crashes Near Mali-Niger Border

A cargo plane with six Ukrainians and one
Russian on board crashed in Algeria’s far
south early on Saturday, an Algerian
transport ministry official stated.
It was gathered that the Ukrainian
Antonov-12 plane en route to Equatorial
Guinea could have crashed for technical
crashed near the borders of Mali and Niger
This is according a report that the plane had
earlier made a stopover for unspecified
technical reasons at an Algerian
Tamanrasset airport in the Sahara.
Reuters quoted an official statement that the
plane came down at 0240 local time (0140
GMT) after taking off from Algerian airport
and three burned bodies were found at the
crash site near the borders of Mali and
The statement said contact with the plane
was lost three minutes after it took off from
the airport of Tamenrasset.
Rescue teams were rushed to the spot of
the crash but no survival was found so far.
The plane belongs to Ukraine Alliance, and
carried equipment used in energy industry,
the statement added.
It came from Ukraine and headed to
Equatorial Guinea via Glasgow (UK), as it
performed several stops, including in
Ghardaia and Tamenrasset in southern
The Transport Ministry said it established an
emergency unit to investigate the crash.


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