Ebola: 39 Arrested Foreigners Released

The 39 foreigners apprehended August 29 by Lagos police and immigration officers have been released. The residents of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Senegal were detained in two hotels on a tip-off. Locals raised alarm in fear of Ebola epidemic spread in the country. All the 39 were allegedly directed for the medical tests, at the same time the immigration officials checked the legality of their stay in Nigeria. The foreigners, who turned out to be musicians travelling to Asia with Lagos as a transit point, were let go, Nigerian Tribune reports. They were said to have received transit visa to Nigeria, meaning the stay in the country was completely legal. However it could not be ascertained whether the foreigners had been tested for Ebola before their release. A source from immigration service, who asked not to provide his name, said: “We made copies of their documents. They even have transit visa from the Ministry of Arts and Culture. We released them when we found out that their stay is legal.” Meanwhile Ebola fears in Nigeria intensified last week as Rivers State officials confirmed the first death from Ebola in Port Harcourt. The unfortunate development was caused by the ECOWAS diplomat Olu-Ibukun Koye who escaped quarantine in Lagos and travelled to Rivers where he turned to doctor Iyke Enemuo for treatment. While the diplomat survived the deadly tropical virus, which has claimed more than 1,500 lives in West Africa, the doctor died. Now Koye might face manslaughter charges for neglecting quarantine and “transporting” the disease to Rivers .


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