Nurse Sentenced To Death For Illegal Abortion

A nurse, identified as Jackson Namunya Tali, was on Thursday sentenced to death by a Kenyan High Court after being found guilty of performing illegal abortion on a lady who later bled to death five years ago.

BBC reports that, witnesses told the court that the deceased, Christine Atieno, approached the nurse and requested him to help terminate her early pregnancy.

The accused, Tali, however, told the court that Ms Atieno came to him after a botched abortion elsewhere, but the victim reportedly died in Tali’s car while conveying her from his hospital in Gachie, which is about 15km (nine miles) west of the nation’s capital, Nairobi, to another hospital for a more professional treatment.

The deceased was said to have bled for eight days following the abortion.

Delivering the verdict, Judge Nicholas Ombija, convicted the accused for murder on the ground that he caused the death of the deceased.

Meanwhile, abortion which is illegal in Kenya is only allowed to be performed by doctors, only when the woman’s life is in danger.

Thousands of women in the country are treated each year for complications arising from unsafe abortions. A survey carried in 2012, revealed that the figure of Kenyan women reported to have been victims of complications from unsafe abortions were put on 120,000.

However, the country has not carried out a death sentence since 1987.

Meanwhile, on September 24, 2014, a quack doctor identified as Femi Olabisi Akindele, landed himself in trouble after a 26-year-old woman, Bose Owoyele, allegedly died in his hospital, Duro Doluwa Medical Clinic and Maternity Home, located at Ijoko-Ota road, Interpol Bus stop, Sango Ota, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria.


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