Ebola: Nigerian Troops Quarantined

About 1300 Nigerian troops stationed in Liberia have been quarantined following the death of Sudanese who died of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in their camp. This was disclosed by the director of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps, Major-General Obashina Ogunbiyi in Abuja yesterday. According to Daily Trust report, the Sudanese Muslim man had come to the camp of the soldiers to lead them in prayer during the Eid-el Fitri celebration, but developed Ebola symptoms the following day and later died. Speaking at a meeting of infectious diseases experts, under the aegis of the Ebola Treatment Research Group (TRG), Ogunbiyi said: “We thought we were getting away (from Ebola). But Ebola is still with us. Any one of those soldiers can come home on holiday and that is why the military had to be totally involved in the fight against the Ebola virus.” It could however not be ascertained if all the 1,300 Nigerian troops were in the camp where the Sudanese died. In August, a Nigeria soldier who returned from Liberia was suspected to be infected with Ebola after he developed fever in Kaduna, but a test found him to be free of the virus. This is the first time Nigerian troops in Liberia are reported to be quarantined because of the Ebola disease, which has been ravaging that nation for months. The meeting of the infectious diseases experts is expected to “develop a roadmap to ensure Nigeria takes a lead in developing treatment options for Ebola,” said Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu. The test of Ebola drug has started in the Mali as 3 health workers have been vaccinated. Fears over Ebola has continued to spread as the disease is gradually creeping into Western countries like Europe and the United States. The World Health Organization (WHO) had previously promised to start vaccination in West Africa by November 2014 , if the vaccine is proved safe. The newest report released by the World Health Organisation, WHO states that the Ebola outbreak shows no signs of abating and no fewer than 3,879 people have died from it while a total of 8,033 people had been infected.


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