AIT Owner Threatened By Muslim Youth

Daar communications plc., owner
of AIT and RayPower FM, is
threatened with attack by a group
which identified itself as Coalition
Of Northern Nigeria Muslim Youths.

It should be recalled that Africa
Independent Television (AIT) last
month aired a controversial
documentary about the All
Progressives Congress (APC)
presidential candidate, Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) .

The 55-minute film titled “The Real
Buhari” depicts what was called by
one of the social media users
“the wickedness and atrocities
committed by Buhari” when he
served as a military Head of State.

The broadcast triggered many
reactions, including the one shared
by Buhari himself.

The APC candidate responded:

“What again am I still going to say? I
have been moved to tears reading
and seeing how young Nigerians who
are even less than 30 years are
picking holes and fallacies from the
official lies told about me, about
Tunde, about Atiku, Soyinka, my ex-
late wife, my wife, my late children
and the good history of Nigeria.”

Apparently, the saga with this
documentary is not over yet. AIT
reports that Daar’s investments group
in the Northern Nigeria has recently
received a treat letter from the
Coalition. The group members vowed
to unleash violence on Daar
communications staff and
investments if Buhari does not
emerge winner of the postponed

In a letter issued by one Abdulkadir
Idris the group allegedly accused the
company of crossing a deadly line in
its operations.

Daar communications broadcast
facilities which are AIT and RayPower
operate in some states in the north.


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