MTN Bis Working With Simple Server

This tutorial is specifically ment’ for those using droid but seems to be so slow. This simple server should work for you faster than Droidon your device.

Before I begin, I want to assume you’ve already a working BB plan dial *216*3*1#

Note dat it’s not free dats y i didnt post it here…..

Set your device access point to :

phone ip:


Download Android simpleserver HERE

==>Go to your Simple Server settings and configure it this way below
Pproxy host:

Proxy port:8080

Injection method:get

Injection querry/url:

Injection host:

Injection line press your keyboard enter key 4times
log level: debug
close and hit the connect connect button.




Before I start with this tutorial, let me categorically state that this Tutorial and the software downloads is ONLY for Computers that are running on Windows, eg desktops, Laptops and Tablets that are running on
* Windows Xp
* Windows 7
* Windows 8
* Windows 8.1 and
*  The newly released Windows 10.
This software will not work on any other computers Operating Systems Mac Os and any other Linux Destro like Ubuntu, Kali Linus etc.

Please this tutorial is not for Android Phones so do not ask me if this will work on PC.  Follow this link for the tutorial on Android Phone Simple Server Settings.

The Tutorial
To get Simple Server  for up and running on your PC, follow below instructions
Download Simple Server Software Windows PC by following this LINK
The file is zipped so you have to Unzip it using your default PC Unzipper.
In the Unzipped folder Click and run the file SimpleServer.exe
All the required configurations are set on the SimpleServer.ini so no need to add any settings in it but please make sure that both files – SimpleServer.exeand SimpleServer.ini are in the same folder, it will not work if both files are not in the same folder. See the image below\

The Subscription
For this to work, MTN BBLITED subscription is need. MTN BBLITE will enable you to get 5GB daily data at the cost of just ₦70 for make sure you have at least ₦70 worth of credit on your MTN Sim Card, I will advice you not more that as MTN will be deducting your credit even if you are subscribed to BBLITED. I will advice you to get a dedicated simcard for this browsing and be transferring ₦70 using the MTN share and sale code whenever you want to subscribe to the BBLITED plan for this.

To Subscribe to the MTN BBLITE Plan
Dial this ussd code – *216*3*1#
You will receive MTN Welcome to BBLITED Text Message upon successful subscription.

Connecting your Modem
Insert the sim card you subscribed with to your modem and plug it on to pc.
Make sure you set your modem to correspond to MTN Browsing Configuration with the working MTN configuration
Config  Name – MTN Ng
Dial Number – *99#
Username – web
Password – web
See the Image below

Once set, connect your modem, double click SimpleServer.exe file to run the Simple Server

Browser Settings
Open your favorite browser, eg Mozilla Firefox, click on the settings tray in the top right,
click on OPTIONS
click on ADVANCED
click on NETWORK and click on Settings
Select manual proxy and add the following proxy address and post
HTTP Proxy –
Port – 8080. See the image below

Add the Proxy  ( address and port (8080) to any other browsers and applications you will use to get it work on them.
Feel free to ask question if you are confused somewhere. Add me Rep+ if my post is helpful to you.
Good Luck!



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